Peppercorns Grill Restaurant St Andrews

Peppercorns Grill
177 South Street
St Andrews, Fife
KY16 9EE Scotland

We went for dinner at Peppercorns Grill on the second day of our stay in St. Andrews in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland.

Peppercorns Grill was not that big but there were really a lot of people when we went to this restaurant.

It seemed like Peppercorns Grill was a popular restaurant even among the local residents.

We ordered Calamare(s) for starters and duck breast for main course. With that, we ordered a Spanish red wine, a Marques de Caceres 2004 Rioja red wine.

The duck breast was really tender and the skin was also soft enough. I did not expect it to be that tender.

After which, I ordered vanilla and strawberry for dessert.

I was surprised when I saw the dessert because from the way it looked like, it seemed like it was a chocolate dessert.

Well, well, the dessert was really good. And yes, that was indeed a vanilla and strawberry dessert.

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