Sonya’s Garden Restaurant, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines

Sonya’s Garden Restaurant
Barangay Buck Estate
Alfonso, Cavite

My friends and I went to Sonya’s Garden Restaurant for lunch in April 2010. Sonya’s Garden was located in Barangay Buck Estate in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines.

I had the impression that Sonya’s Garden was located in Tagaytay, but no, Sonya’s Garden was actually located in the area of Cavite but very near Tagaytay City.

Sonya’s Garden served different dishes. It also served Filipino food set menu but we ordered a different set menu. We ordered salad of greens, freshly handpicked from its own garden, and pasta for lunch inclusive of bread, fish, desserts, and tarragon tea, also from its own garden.

The set menu for lunch at Sonya’s Garden was eat all you can. Sonya’s Garden will serve you salad of greens as long as you want.

After lunch, we went to look at Sonya’s Cottage Inn Bed and Breakfast. As it was summer time in the Philippines, it was sunny and warm during that time but when we went inside the cottages, it was so cool inside.

For more information, visit Sonya’s Garden Website

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